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The Heath Practice Hypnotherapy Cardiff explains the L.E.O

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Ever wondered why you just can't seem to shake some habits, even the ones that you know are really bad for you? 

That's because we all have a built in L.E.O. (Life Enforcement Officer) who's primary function is to ensure our safety. It does this by keeping us doing exactly what we have been doing up until now to keep ourselves alive (after all it’s worked hasn’t it?).

It avoids us overstepping the mark and changing into a new unknown ways of life, which because of their unexplored nature, are seen as a threat, and could well be dangerous.

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"stay in-line please, there's nothing to see here"

L.E.O's are very, very good at the job of keeping us doing exactly what we have been doing. It knows us inside out and it’s very convincing. It knows our weaknesses and will use them and all sorts of persuasions and propaganda in order to get us to stay in line and to keep doing what has previously kept us alive.

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Mmmmm Cake......
So the L.E.O is the voice that reminds us “I can never resist a cake”, and consequently uses that to help us justify eating the triple chocolate brownie, even when the other voice (the intellectual mind) is telling us it’s not such a great idea because we wanted to lose weight.

The L.E.O tells us “I just haven’t got the willpower to stop smoking” whilst lighting up a cigarette, even though we swore this would be the year to stop and we know how bad it is for our health.

What’s more, Neurons that fire together, wire together, meaning every time your L.E.O convinces you of an excuse to justify your behaviour, you then begin to strengthen your belief in that excuse. You make it bigger, stronger, and truer, you bring it closer to the front of your mind. So that eventually you really truly start believing it no matter how factually truthful it may or may not be.

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Research shows smokers are 80% more
likely to suffer clinical depression /
anxiety as a direct result of smoking.
A common one I hear is “Smoking helps me relax”

That’s rubbish. Not one of the four thousand chemicals in tobacco is a relaxant or can reduce stress in ANY way, in fact the complete opposite is true.  However your L.E.O probably once heard someone say that it relaxes them, and so it will cunningly use that to convince you to keep doing what you have been doing.

It’s important to remember that your L.E.O is a primitive function, it has no way of identifying if smoking, overeating or feelings of anxiety for that matter are good or bad for us. It's sole purpose is keep us doing what has kept us alive up until now.

So as time goes by our L.E.O begins to build these ‘life rules’ for us. Every time we use them to justify our behaviour these life rules begin to strengthen. Some of them are beneficial and help to keep us safe, such as “I never drink and drive”. Others are not so helpful and over time they can encourage us to repeat unhealthy patterns of behaviour.

“I enjoy my food too much”               “I hate it when people are late”
“I’ve always lacked motivation”        “I don’t like going out”
“I don’t enjoy exercise”                      “I am so unorganised”
“I hate meeting new people”              “I always choose the wrong type (of partner)”
“I couldn’t live without my phone”    “I'm an anxious person”  

If we stop and think about what could happen if we were to religiously follow some of these commonly heard L.E.O ‘life rules’ we can begin to see that eventually they have the potential to really negatively affect our quality of life. 

e.g "I enjoy my food too much" = we allow ourselves to overeat = we eventually become overweight and at increased risk of many health issues.

As well as the obvious health risks, these seemingly harmless chains of words could actually prevent us getting more out of life. They may stop us meeting people who may otherwise have become friends. They may discourage us from applying for that dream job or prevent us from attending that meeting that could have led to who knows where! A whole host of unexplored dates, relationships, foods, hobbies, holidays, adventures, careers and opportunities all wasted, and for what?

It may be dawning on you that you have already been negatively influenced by your L.E.O.
Perhaps its held you back or actually even unwittingly killing you.

Fear not, it’s never too late for a fresh set of life rules, no matter how long standing the old ones are. (A recent client stopped a 40 year smoking habit in one day just by sorting out his L.E.O).

All we need to do is challenge our current life rules to see if they are actually true, and helpful.
Some may need tweaking, for example "I don't like going out" might become "I don't always dislike going out" or even "I enjoy going out sometimes". This change won't turn you into an unstoppable party monster but you can see it may encourage you to accept or instigate enjoyable opportunities that may have otherwise passed you by.

Once you decide on a better life rule you simply need to implement it and reinforce it so L.E.O accepts it. The gentle natural relaxation techniques and positive focus of Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for such a change. It works by giving your L.E.O a rest, a coffee break just long enough for you to bypass its restrictions and explore some more fitting life enhancing rules.

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