Friday, 15 July 2016

Pokemon go: More than just a game?

It's the craze that's taking the world by storm.  With a global estimated download numbers now at 7.5 million and Nintendo profits skyrocketing, Pokemon Go looks like it may be here to stay. 

But what sort of effect is it having on the gaming population? Could the rumors be true, could this alternative cyber universe be having positive therapeutic effects on its users?  Could it be more than just a game?

Hypno - The pendulum swinging Pokemon

One of my younger clients delighted in introducing me to this little fella today, his name is Hypno and he is apparently very adept at putting people to sleep in 3 minutes flat, and when it locks eyes on a subject it uses hypnosis and confusion to overcome them. The only difference between us I'm told, is that I don't swing a pendulum.  Well, that and he's a small yellow Japanese character from the 90's.

But yes I see the connection.  More importantly though what I see is a once quiet, introverted client bursting with excitement and delighting in sharing plans made to visit a local park with friends this afternoon. This client who usually spends hours isolated in a bedroom has joined a 'team' and for the past 2 days has walked miles around the city of Cardiff with like minded people.

Yes its early days and yes this client had already reacted extremely well to Hypnotherapy and was making significant positive life changes before the arrival of this virtual phenomenon . But I must admit Pokemon Go seems to have provided a genuine boost of motivation and energy.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy promotes the beneficial effects of:

  • Positive Activity
  • Positive Interaction 
  • Positive Thinking

Pokemon Go is promotes

  • Getting out of the house and physically moving  
  • Joining a team (Red, Blue or Yellow) and meeting with friends to go hunting. This no doubt leads you to other like-minded Pokemon hunters in the area. 
  • Concentrating the mind, which distracts negative thoughts, and promotes fuzzy feelings of nostalgia for those who are familiar with the game from the 90's.  

So tick, tick and tick.

For a balanced review we also need to consider the downsides. These including the increased amount of Smombies (smart phone zombies) roaming the streets. Smombies are a breed which lack awareness of other pedestrians and motor vehicles and as such are at higher risk of injury and death. So due care must be taken when participating in Pokemon Go.  Stranger danger and Green Cross Code rules also apply.

We can clearly see for some people Pokemon Go does have the potential to be more than just a game. For others that don't have the patience, inclination or roaming capabilities maybe not so much. 

Nia - Real life non pendulum swinging
Hypnotherapist Cardiff

For more information of the benefits of  Hypnotherapy with a real life person, as opposed to a 5'03" Yellow Bipedal Humanoid monster that hatched from an egg after 5695 steps, email me at The Heath Practice Hypnotherapy Cardiff  or visit my website or Facebook page