Thursday, 15 October 2015

Weight Loss

Weight loss *

As a hypnotherapist I am approached almost daily by people asking if I can make them lose weight, my answer is always no, I can’t ‘make’ anyone lose weight, but I can definitely ‘help’.  There is no magic or secret spell to weight loss, to achieve a healthy body weight, we simply need to make sensible food choices and take regular physical exercise.

There is no escaping this truth.

I suppose I could jump on the band wagon and offer a Hypno-Gastric Band service. A one off £200 session where I put an imaginary elastic band around your stomach to make you feel full, this would surely make you eat less and I’d probably make a fortune.  But deep down we all know the only pounds you will be losing long term will be from your wallet.   

Losing weight successfully takes time, effort and consistency. 

The task seems enormous and people lose motivation quickly and it’s not surprising…just look at the abundance of food glorious food all around us. Go to the office and it’s someone’s birthday, it would be rude to say no to a delicious slice of carrot cake (afterall it’s got carrots in so it must be one of my five a day). You go out for a meal with friends and family because it’s important to socialise and who can be bothered doing the dishes. Then cosy night in with Strictly and a takeaway, you work hard, you deserve it. 

Food........there is just too much of it and the sugar and salt laden types are the most delicious…life is so unfair I might as well have a donut.

Added to these temptations are our feelings and emotions. If we feel miserable, we eat. If we feel stressed, we eat. If we feel bored we eat even more…and before we know it we are trapped in a negative cycle.  The weight starts to pile on we feel less and less like moving our bodies and the more weight we carry the physically harder moving our bodies becomes.  Then one day we look in the mirror and maybe we’re unhappy with what we see. A small percentage of people will take action at this point, they start running or join a gym, but most of us will do exactly what we always do when we feel miserable and unhappy with ourselves………we eat.

So how can I help you change?

The HeathPractice Hypnotherapy Cardiff encourages you to make permanent, sustainable changes to your life by

·         Helping you feel better about yourself

·         Reducing stress levels

·         Overcoming boredom

When these 3 factors are compromised our ability to stay in intellectual control in regards to food, exercise and anything else we want to achieve is seriously affected.  Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses positive discussion and trance techniques to help you feel calm, relaxed, motivated, confident and fully in control of your life.
Weight issues do not happen overnight and neither are they resolved overnight - if you are looking for a 'quick fix' solution you will be looking for a long time. If you are looking to lose weight healthily and steadily over the next few months please give us a call 07951 659235 or email
*Each and every one of us has a different idea about body shape and size, what we consider to be good may not be acceptable to others and vice versa, and for a lucky few it bears no significance to their lives whatsoever. Whatever your thoughts The Heath Practice will only strive to help you reach an appropriate healthy body weight.