Thursday, 12 March 2015

What to expect from Hypnotherapy

Any idea what a Hypnotherapist does???? 

No? Well,  you are not alone

Many of my clients are completely in the dark as to what hypnotherapy actually is and how it can help them when they first come and see me.  In order to shed a little light and dispel anxieties or fears about the process please watch the short film below.

Even if you are elsewhere in the world and considering visiting a Hypnotherapist this should be useful. As a  Hypnotherapist in Cardiff I believe it is of huge importance to raise the profile of our work and demonstrate how effective, valuable, and completely NORMAL it is and to share it with the world!

No magic, no spells, no trickery or hocus pocussing, just extremely effective relaxing therapy with a normal person. 

The Heath Practice Hypnotherapy, Cardiff