Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sleep better

Simple things to do to improve your sleep

Starting now.....

As a hypnotherapist in Cardiff I see many clients for varying reasons, some have phobias, other would like to stop smoking, some would like to lose weight, most have symptoms of Anxiety or depression.  My clients are all unique,  completely different in everyway, but they all have one thing in common.....they all experience disturbed sleep patterns.

Sleep is essential to maintaining a healthy mind and body so lets help you improve yours right now. Follow all or even some of these tips to see an improvement straight away.
Treat yourself as you would a baby.  To get a baby or small child to sleep effectively we naturally think to turn off stimulants such as TV or loud noises, we think to dim the lights, sit down with them and we maybe even think to read a book while they slurp a nice drink of warm milk.  It works for them and it will work for you.  
  • Stop looking at a screen or using an electrical device at least 30 minutes prior to sleep. The light emitted from a TV screen, mobile, tablet and IPad etc. really interferes with our primal body clocks as they emulate sunlight.  Also sending an email, reading a Facebook status or a twitter feed keeps us alert, we need time to wind down.
  • If you have a TV in your bedroom remove it. The bedroom is for sleeping and you can train your body to sleep so much more effectively if you are doing nothing but sleeping in it.  Your primitive mind is confused "should I sleep or watch TV???"  If you remove the TV then decision made, "I am here for Sleep".  Its an association thing.
  • In the 30 minutes leading to bed, relax, have a bath, read a book, dim the lights or have a warm drink (caffeine free of course!). Get that inner subconscious mind in a nice relaxed state. It will soon get the picture you need to switch off and sleep.  A new sleep habit only takes a few days or maybe a week to get used to, its so quick because our bodies and minds crave sleep so it will fall into line quickly when rewarded with nice comfortable relaxed sleep.
  • Use a relaxation recording, there are plenty to chose from on You Tube. They usually last 25 - 30 minutes. Use earphones relax and unwind, you will soon drift into a nice deep sleep.
  • If you do find yourself worrying about "things" remind yourself there is nothing can be done in the middle of the night and you will be a more effective person to deal with them tomorrow if you have slept.
  • Its a good idea to make a list positive things in your life, big things or small things. Keep them at the side of your bed and take a look every now and then before you drift off , this puts you in a lovely nice mood to maximise your sleep!

Sleep tight