Thursday, 5 March 2015


Why wouldn't everyone?

During early stages of pregnancy, I found myself becoming more and more afraid of the prospect of giving birth. Surely we've all had that moment when we just stop and think about the logistics of something so big coming from somewhere so small ? It scared me. it really scared me.

Looking back it was probably one of the reasons I held off having children until my late 30's. My subconscious fear had always told me not to have children.

I found myself pregnant and afraid, watching horrible portrayals of birthing on every programme going, listening to everyone recount their terrible moments of excruciating agony as they squeezed their DC into the world. Its truly amazing how much we are surrounded by negative stories of childbirth. Its almost as if programmed from an early age that childbirth is going to be painful.  We believe it wholeheartedly. No doubt about it, yep that's gonna hurt.

Well I have news for you........... IT DOESNT NEED TO HURT. It can be joyful, special and magical. Uncomfortable yes, but nothing like the pain we are forced to believe is true.  Go to You tube and google hypnobirthing, see for yourself. This is my favourite  It also looks as though the NHS are cottoning on to it at last. (see below) and rightly so, widespread use of hypnotherapy during pregnancy and birth will save the country huge amounts of money and also reduces the need for interventions at birth which results in happier healthier babies.

The Heath Practice Hypnotherapy, Cardiff