Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Resolutions fading?

Resolutions fading?

So the end of February is almost upon us and its about this time of year that we Hypnotherapists notice a marked increase in clients wanting to stop smoking or lose weight.

Those lovely positive optimistic New Years Resolutions made all those weeks ago are beginning to fade and become much harder to maintain as the struggle of daily life starts to grind us down. Perhaps they have completely gone out the window by now or perhaps you have been doing really well but need that extra push to keep you going.

There is a simple reason why so many diet's fail and why some people try to stop smoking several times before they are successful...  and that reason is not will power (or lack of), its actually usually down to STRESS.

When a person experiences high or low levels of stress their brain will always revert to what kept them safe the last time they felt that way. So for example, if the last time you experienced a bad breakup you turned to ice cream, biscuits and cake to make you feel better then your brain will encourage you to do that again the next time you feel that sadness.  We learn through experience and build patterns of matching behaviour every day.

A more realistic way to tackle eating or smoking habits is to get us to a place where we no longer allow events to cause us 'stress', and to use hypnosis to see our bad habits in a fundamentally different way.

Build a positive matching behaviour pattern today!

The Heath Practice Hypnotherapy, Cardiff